Refund Policy

Refund Policy in Oten Market Plants

  1. It is our priority to keep our plants of the best quality. Therefore, damaged plants will be replaced with a new fresh one, according to the terms and conditions. Replacements are free up to a maximum of 70% with a delivery fee and Phytosanitary cost are handled by customers. This is due to damage caused by shipping has been a plant purchase risk.
  2. Please provide videos and photos as your unboxing proof and a picture of the Phytosanitary certificate.
  3. Refund only applies to plants with totally damaged conditions: leaves, stems, and roots. Refund will be declined for plants with only one damaged part (e.g: leaves only, while other parts are in good condition), as it is a normal risk of shipping.
  4. Should refund agreement has been made, customers need to sent the damaged plant to the provided address, as long as the damaged plant is still possible to be planted.
  5. Please do tell us your feedback through our contact. We are always eager to listen and to serve you better.